Win/Win for You and Your Dog

Dog Training in Oak Park, IL

There are no bad dogs. Only disruptive behaviors that go unchecked. Without training and leadership, behaviors such as jumping, barking and biting can escalate. Dogs need and want a leader but, if a human doesn’t step up to the plate, the dog will take the leadership roll by default. I can help with dog and leadership training in Oak Park IL.

My role as trainer is to empower you with tools and force-free methods to help your dog be the best he/she can be. You will learn how to help your dog think and make good choices. You can apply what you have learned through Positive Reinforcement training. Simply put — your dog will learn manners when something they want (i.e. food) is given for something they do (i.e.”sit”).

You will also teach your dog how to harness and master his energy in safe and fun ways like having a good game of “fetch”. You will be in charge of when and where to allow your dog just to be a dog.

These training techniques will result in having a confident, well-mannered and loyal member of your family. You’ll feel great that you are able to be your dog’s gentle leader and never cause harm. It’s a Win/Win situation for everybody!

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Creating Your Dog’s Training Plan:

  • During our first contact, you’ll receive a consultation and assessment of your dog’s unique training needs.
  • I will create a specialized training plan for your dog, using positive reinforcement methods.
  • Training takes place in your home starting inside with low distractions and then increasing the distractions by training outside.
  • You’ll receive simple homework assignments to reinforce your leadership role and communication with your dog.